Someone told me that Glorfy was here yesterday…he didn’t even come say hi to me…I miss my Glorfy, he has been fighting for so long now, I hope he is okay…I miss Dar. Imladris is lonely, there’s no one to play with…and Restor is sad all the time…it makes me sad.

Fin is hereeee!

He won’t leave Restor alone, though. And he isn’t paying attention to me :(

I have painted so many pictures for Fin!

And Restor too, of course, you should see his office. It’s so pretty now with pictures and colors!

Look what Fin sent me!!

awhhhh I miss Fin…I wish he would come to see us…but I have to paint a picture for him now, for his tent!

I don't care, little one. It's late. Tomorrow, if you'd like, I shall tell you a story, but you need to go to bed.

Goodmorning, Restor. *pouts and shrugs* its okay, Restor. You don’t have to tell me a story if you don’t want to.

We should probably get you to bed, soon, too, because it's getting late for you. *smiles kindly down at you* Would you like me to carry you?

Well…I don’t want to go to sleep yet, I am not tired…you should tell me a story, Restor!

He is fighting for our freedom. *watches silently for a moment as the cat slowly and nervously comes up to Gilraen, sniffing the little girl as she circled her* The twins are Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian's sons, Elladan and Elrohir. They are all grown up now, so they don't need to play with toys anymore. *thinks for a moment* I have seen a lot, and there is a lot of sorrow and heaviness in my heart. The grave and somber often outweigh the light and joyful, for me. I am not always frowning. I just sometimes frown when I am deep in thought. Glorfindel is far more reckless than I... I spend more time thinking than he does. *smiles softly* That's okay, little one. Someday you will know what they are, but they aren't important now.

*frowns* our freedom? What do you mean, Restor? *reaches down to pet the cat* Where are they…can I meet them?! I’ve never met twins before. And well…if they are growed up, then I guess I can play with their toys. Yes….you ARE always frowning. You should smile more. Is it because you miss Fin? He was always frowning back home in Gondor because he missed you. At least his eyes weren’t sad anymore once we got here. How come you’re working on them, if they’re not important? They must be…because you never leave your desk!

Unfortunately, yes. I do not like his fighting anymore than you. *smiles softly* Of course I have a kitty... ahh, look, there she is... *points to the cat lurking near a bookshelf* Be quiet, though, she is very shy with strangers. Well, I am glad you like sitting with me. I found some of the twins' old toys, and put them over by the window in the sun for you, if you would like. I am not really serious... I am just busy. I have a lot of work to do. I was filling out reports, and going over other peoples' reports, and going over all sorts of documents concerning trade, economics, alliances, etc. No, little one, I am afraid you cannot. But, you may keep me company.

*frowns* What is he fighting for, then? Why are all those elves fighting, Restor? And who? *smiles widely and whispers* Oh, she is very pretty…I guess I’ll wait for her to come to me…I don’t want to scare her. Who are the twins? Do they not want their toys anymore? *puzzled* Why would you not want toys…? *giggles* No, Restor. You are very serious. Fin is always laughing and smiling, and you smile, I like your smile, but you never laugh. You are always frowning and it makes me sad. *nods* Okay then, I’ll just keep you company then, I don’t know what those things are.

He has to fight because he is a soldier, and of course he will be okay. How was your day? I am sorry I could not pay you much attention, for I have a lot of work to do, and will also have to be busy tomorrow, but you may paint in my library again and sit with me, if you would like. Perhaps my cat will come to visit you. She is shy at first, but now that she's seen you once... she may decide she likes you.

Oh…he didn’t tell me he was a soldier. Does he always have to fight? *shrugs* It was okay, I made you another picture. But with paint this time, I promise! I got lost trying to find the bathroom but, I think I can remember which way to go now. *giggles* You have a kitty!? I like sitting with you, Restor. You’re just so serious…what were you doing with that big stack of papers? Can I help?!

Good morning, Gilraen... *kisses your forehead softly* Of course you will see him again. But come, now, little one, let us go down to the Great Hall for breakfast, and then I shall take you to the waterfall... how would you like that? Afterward I must do some work, but I have procured some paints for you to draw with. *smiles kindly, trying to hide how nervous I feel*

*rubs eyes* goodmorning, Restor. You promise? I miss Fin already…why does he have to fight? He will be okay..right? The great hall?! *jumps out of bed and grabs your hand* let’s go Restor I am so hungry. *smiles widely and giggles* you bought me paints? Can I paint in your office while you work? I don’t want to be by myself…